Effective collaboration within the organization across teams with the same or separate function is becoming increasing important in today’s organization. These collaboration can be in the form of Enterprise content management, enterprise social or information portals.

Organizations are increasingly getting buried under mountains of paperwork, and electronic documents. This is being driven by regulatory requirements, customer expectations, and even internally by employees. In each case there is a need to be able to quickly find the right document and the right information within it. Inefficient document and information management can decrease productivity, cause legal issues and ultimately affect profitability of your organization. A strong Enterprise Content Management strategy, and the deployment of the right tools can help mitigate these collaboration issues within the organization.

The uptake of social media in the consumer to research products and influence buying decisions has forced organizations to look at information dissemination different within the enterprise space. Employees want to be able to be able to find and talk to each other outside of traditional hierarchies and silos. When social tools are integrated in the company’s business processes, it becomes a more connected and engaged enterprise.

Panni leverage’s Microsoft’s SharePoint platform to provide business collaboration tools and solutions.

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