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For over a decade, Panni has successfully implemented and customized ERP and related solutions that help mid-sized companies level up. We proudly serve clients in the Food and Beverage, Process Manufacturing, Distribution, and Cannabis industries.


  • Manage finance, accounting, and operations
  • Control inventory and the supply chain
  • Improve product quality and reduce waste
  • Track products from source to shelf
  • Optimize production and costs
  • Better manage customers and track orders

X3 Features

Product Traceability

Sage X3’s strong traceability tools allow better handling of recalls, expiration management, sustainability, allergen-free production, labeling, and other major trending concerns. As your business grows and requirements change, Sage X3 adapts to help you meet new requirements without increasing overhead.

Allergen Tracking

Tracking allergens in finished goods and raw materials is a major requirement for the Food and Beverage industry. The Food Safety Modernization Act in the USA and the Safe Food for Canadians regulations both require stringent tracking, monitoring and disclosures of allergens in the sector.

Recipe Management

Recipes are the backbone of the food manufacturing process. Sage X3 provides a comprehensive recipe management system allowing manufacturing companies to decrease training time and increase productivity instead of being manually controlled or managed by outside sources and spreadsheets.


All recipes are stored in the recipe records list. In addition, Sage X3 allows companies to maintain consistency and tight controls or recipes to prevent tampering by requiring approval at different stages of development.

Version Management

Sage X3 also supports version management of recipes to allow for the improvement of recipes, fulfill specific customer needs, or alternate ingredients.


To cut costs recipe management also enables scalability of finished products. Users can adjust calculated totals and see the BOM quantity change as well as the total ingredient costs. With recipe management in sage X3, your business can be sure to create quality and consistent products for your consumers.

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Sage Business Cloud is changing how businesses compete and grow, by delivering faster, simpler and flexible financial, supply chain and production management, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise ERP systems.
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