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How to Use ERP for Driving Digital Transformation in Your Manufacturing Business

Enterprise applications have been an integral part of manufacturing businesses for the last several decades. However, the new genre of applications has a certain “intelligence” that most legacy systems cannot deliver. Whether it is an ERP, CRM, Finance, HR, or Marketing Automation solution, the current lot of “intelligent” applications are driving digital transformation by streamlining business operations and driving growth and profitability like never before.

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Inventory Management: What is ABC analysis and When do you need it?

The ABC analysis is a ranked categorization technique based on the Pareto Principle (a business metric that proposes that 20% of the inputs determine 80% of the outcomes). It is intended to concentrate efforts and resources to the company’s priority items and minimize the number of operational tasks and overhead costs associated with inventory management.

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Cannabis Excise Duty Framework

Cultivators, producers, and packagers of cannabis products are required to obtain a cannabis licence from the CRA before production. Once licensed, they are required to calculate the excise duty on their sales and report it to CRA.

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How to Reshape Logistics using Technology

Technology has significantly improved characteristics of logistics in every business. It has not just streamlined operations and improved process efficiency but also has automated delivery trucks. Smarter and simpler supply chain management is possible all because of technology. Three transpiring …

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Two key fundamentals for inventory control

Companies that carry inventory such as manufacturers, distributors and retailers always need to be on the lookout for better ways to manage inventory availability in order to reduce their inventory carrying costs and improve profitability. Manufacturer and distributor often make …

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