Accounts Payable Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Oil and Gas Accounting Software

Oil and Gas companies in North America are shifting towards e-supply chain management. As a result increasingly, oil and gas companies are becoming e-enabled and are asking their suppliers to submit invoices, and receive purchase orders through companies such as Cortex, ADP’s open invoice, Oildex and Ariba. Let us help track your financials from end to end with a fully-integrated oil and gas accounting software ERP suite that provides maximum data oversight and streamline your Accounts Payable department.

Solutions for AP/AR

Invoice automation for Accounts Receivables

Suppliers transacting with e-enabled Oil and gas Companies have to do double data entry of invoices into their own ERP system and e-invoice portals from companies such as Cortex and ADP’s Open Invoice.

PGATE, Our Pidx enabled solution automates this manual data re-entry process and saves costly manpower associated with double data entry. Key features and benefits of this solution are:

Invoice automation for Accounts Payables

Is your company getting drowned in paper invoices?

Is your company getting late in paying your suppliers on time, and hence missing on discounts?

Are you a Senior Finance Manager, and cannot plan your cash flow, because you do not know how many invoices are lying on your Accounts Payables desk?

Is your company growing, and your companies AP processing costs are increasing every day?

Are your storage costs for invoices increasing everyday, and you have to go through numerous files and storage boxes to lookup old files?

Are you an e-enabled company, but your vendors are not transacting through your portal for invoices?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, our solution, PGATE, can help you. PGATE is available in both cloud and server based forms.

Key features of PGATE

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