About Panni

In the midst of the highest recorded boom in Alberta (CA) in 2009, we founded Panni with the vision of helping Alberta’s fast-growing yet underserved companies improve their organizational efficiencies and business processes. Since then, we have grown to help companies across North America and UK  leverage technology to improve operational efficiencies and productivity in sectors such as oil and gas services, retail, chemical manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, gaming and hospitality and hard goods manufacturing.

While large companies have the resources to acquire technologies and a diverse skill set to manage it, many mid-size companies stay behind because it becomes cost-prohibitive for them. Over time, we have developed effective innovative delivery methodologies, and products to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to help companies improve their operational effectiveness and productivity.

Our focus

For our customers, our focus is towards business results and achieving maximum ROI towards the investment in technology and information systems. Our goal is to make businesses more successful at what they do by creating solutions, which will make them more responsive to external and internal drivers. That is why most of our projects have achieved their ROI in less than one year.

Our differentiator

Our differentiator is that we are focused on understanding and delivering on your business needs rather than simply implementing a technical solution. Our team embeds in your organization and lives and breathes your business. We help you redesign your business processes and help manage and integrate the change across your organization.  Our belief is that achieving your business goals should be the ultimate yardstick against which technology implementations should be measured against. Our aim is to become your trusted business and technology advisor.

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Our aim is to provide you with the most innovative solutions to your complex business problems. Our consultants are at the forefront of business and technology, and we partner with the best in class technology companies to bring our customers the most innovative solutions.

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Our aim is to provide best in class service to our clients. Our project teams and post-implementation teams are extremely responsive to your day to day queries and changing business needs. Our team members are always one text message, email, phone call away to support your business needs.

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We are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of integrity. We always take an honest and transparent approach to all our activities. We believe that our reputation is more important than any other short-term rewards.

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