Unbalanced Journal Legal Error in Sage X3 V12


When we run the WIP posting, sometimes we come across the error “Unbalanced journal legal”. WIP is the automatic journal code for production process.


If we check the all the transactions that are not getting posted due to unbalanced values when it looks like the data is correct for debit and credit values, we may get confused and unable to find the issue why the unbalanced error is being thrown. In this case, the issue can either be a missing GL code for the product or variance between debit and credit values while rounding them.

Issue 1: Missing GL Account Code

Solution: Check the accounting code for the product we are facing the issue and make sure all GL codes are placed properly in appropriate items which belong to the production process and stock of that accounting code. If there is no GL code for any item then please contact customer and get the GL codes and add in accounting code level.

Issue 2: Variance between Debit and Credit Values

Solution: WIP is the automatic journal for WIP posting.

Go to automatic journal WIP

Choose line ‘35’

By default the field will contain “[F:MWI]AMOUNT(10)” for amount

Update the “Amount” field value by applying the following formula. Save and test WIP posting now.

 [F:MWI]AMOUNT = ar2(([F:MWI]CSTELM(9))+ar2([F:MWI]CSTELM(10)))

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