Panni Management's Guide to Sage X3 pricing

Your Guide To Understanding Sage X3 Pricing

You may wonder how the price packages of financial management software work. Perhaps you want to acquire new software but are unsure how to achieve a plan that suits your needs while remaining cost-effective. In this guide, we aim to provide you with a basic understanding of how the pricing structure for Sage X3 ERP software is formulated.

How Does The Pricing Work?

Many different aspects can influence the pricing of your Sage software solution, and it is almost impossible to give a one-size-fits-all accurate quote of how much the product will cost. There are, however, 5 factors that can be used to explain the mix-and-match process behind the pricing.

The price of your Sage X3 solution will vary depending on these factors:

The Base or Bundle

There are different bundles available for Sage X3. These bundles have been predetermined to meet various industries and companies’ enterprise resource planning needs. An example of how these bundles are preconfigured is as follows:

  • There may be a bundle for Financials only.
  • The bundle for Distribution, however, will also include Financials.
  • The bundle for Manufacturing processes includes both Distribution and Financials.

This allows you to choose the bundle that sufficiently matches your business processes and requirements without paying for features you would not necessarily need.

Define Users

There are several standard Sage X3 user roles and licensing, and Sage X3 offers concurrent user licensing defined by user role. , which is a very powerful and useful licensing model that can help businesses control their licensing costs. If a company has 10 users, but no more than 5 users log in at any single time, the company only needs to buy 5 licences. Different roles will have other access privileges and restrictions, and roles that require additional functionality are more expensive. As the business unit manager or owner, you will be able to create multiple users that can view the system at the same time, while a handful will be able to make modifications and edits.

Adjustments to pricing will be made depending on how many user roles and licensing you require. The user roles include:

  • Administrator – Can access security setup, maintenance and database tools.
  • Full – Can access all functions before enablement.
  • Accounting – Can access budgeting, accounting and fixed assets transactions.
  • Operational – Can access purchasing, sales and inventory management.
  • Manufacturing – Can access distribution and production.
  • Transactional – Can input PO requisitions and expenses.
  • Warehouse – Handheld devices for collecting distribution and production data.

Licences include:

  • Report full user.
  • Report viewer user.

Additional Modules

There are several add-ons available for Sage X3. This includes optional modules that deliver advanced features such as EDI, scheduling, etc. These add-ons can also be acquired as business growth creates new requirements. The number of add-ons your company decides to add to Sage X3 will impact your plan’s pricing.


There are several ways that you may choose to install and maintain your Sage X3 software. Different deployment options will affect the price range of your Sage X3 software solution. The user experience (UX) starts via a browser and can be deployed from:

  1. On-premise servers hosted by the customer.
  2. Private hosting by Panni Cloud.
  3. Multi-tenant SaaS solutions by Sage.

Implementation and Partner Services

Several other services may also contribute to the pricing of your Sage X3 solution. This includes services from your software provider such as the implementation strategy, installation, configuration, set-up and training. This also includes continuous support and customer service after installation. These services are scoped according to different variables, e.g. the size of the project, the requirements of the project, the capabilities of the staff etc.

The best way to ensure that you achieve the perfect software solution for your entire business at an affordable price is to carefully examine your company’s different needs. By doing so, you will be able to consider each one of these aspects and create the perfect customized plan for your business.

Would you like to know more about acquiring the best Sage X3 solution to fit both your business needs and your budget? Contact Panni Management today to speak with one of our implementation experts!

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