Cannabis Tracking & Licensing System (CTLS) Reporting Module

Panni’s CTLS module for Sage X3 automates and simplifies Health Canada’s Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System monthly tracking reports. Licensed cultivators and processors a required to submit these reports on a monthly basis.

CTLS Module reporting interface on laptop

CTLS module features powered by Sage X3

Watch the CTLS Module in Action

Webcast: CTLS Module for Sage X3

Watch our webcast and demo of the CTLS module for Sage X3 and how easy it is to complete month end reporting for Health Canada.

Watch the product webcast

CTLS module for Sage X3 is available as

Pre-built into Sage X3 for new Cannabis ERP deployments

Add-on for existing Sage X3 deployments

What our Customers Say

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We were looking for tool that will help us effectively manage all aspects of our business with emphasis on Cannabis production tracking, Inventory Management, Lot Traceability and Recall, Accounting, Shipping, Receiving, Vendor and Customer management, Sales and what is the most important, we were looking for a software that will generate CTLS reports and calculate excise duties for CRA. Panni’s custom Sage X3 solution for Cannabis has all these features incorporated and with its user-friendly interface and seems the best tool for our business.

[Panni] presented their software with an excellent demo. They are knowledgeable, flexible and they respond timely to our requests.

Gordana Volkanoska

Director, Quality Assurance
Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Panni CTLS Module licensed?

It is licensed by the site basis on which you have to report on for CTLS.

How quickly can the CTLS module be deployed?

The CTLS Module is included in new deployments. For existing Sage X3 deployments, the module can be deployed and you can being reporting, all within a few hours.

Can I deploy Panni's CTLS solution after going live with Sage X3?

Correct – you can deploy the solution at any time. It will also provide reporting on months prior to deploying CTLS.

What sort of support is available with Panni's CTLS module on an ongoing basis?

Panni provides continuous support for each month filing with Health Canada. If your business process changes and your company requires additional configuration or customization, it is covered in the licensing fee.

Can the solution handle the reporting when class of cannabis products has not changed during a process, for example during grinding?

Yes, the Bill of Materials (BoM) setup allow us to appropriately report these kind of scenarios.

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