A Leading North American Chemical Manufacturer Scales with Sage X3

We are [now] able to track and report costs at many different levels and be on top of all of our regulatory needs with Sage X3. We've been able to maintain a high level of flexibility and control.
Director of IT






Calhoun, GA


Sage X3

A leading manufacturer of specialty chemical Solutions and high quality chemical formulations to develop cleaning products, water treatment, personal care, construction, software covering and textile Industries in the United States and Canada. The company had become the first choice in manufacturing technical capabilities application expertise because they focus on solving customer problems and solutions.

Over the last three decades, the company had grown through private equity and an acquisition and had manufacturing and logistics facilities in Georgia, California and Canada. They wanted a solution to effectively manage, track and report cost and maintain regulatory statuses at all sites. Running on accounting softwares and different small-scale ERP systems in each location, the company had come to a point where they were having to create and slap-on a lot of add-ons to get the job done. For example, it was taking them 15-days to execute the month-end closing. The company was growing and was looking at its third acquisition.

The management decided to implement Sage X3 to bring the companies to a single platform before moving forward with more acquisitions to avoid catching up on three businesses later on. They needed a fundamental shift in the way they were working as they had done nothing the last 10 years and now they had to do something to get back on track.

The Director of IT and corporate processes was tasked with the ERP implementation. First, the key stakeholders from executive leadership to managers were brought into the loop and their processes and needs were compiled. Next, the company processes were diligently mapped out, outlining where they were and where they wanted to go.

Data Migration

The company had to be careful as they believed in the axiom “garbage in, garbage out”. Being in the chemical industry, some of the suppliers were catering to all businesses. The open data required careful reconciliation to avoid duplications and bad accounting. The current data was a mess.

Enter Panni

The company carefully selected Panni through references to get the house in order to have a successful implementation. After reviewing and helping optimize the business processes, the team at Panni got busy cleaning up the data. The data was then successfully migrated and the go-live was successfully completed.

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