Leading Emission Control Manufacturer Advances with Sage X3 – Success Story

A leading manufacturing company chose Sage X3 as the key multi-company, multi-legislation software allowing all companies and holding companies to run from one single platform.






Alberta, Canada
Offices across Canada, U.S. and Middle East


Sage X3

A leader in H2S treatment since the late 1980’s with offices across the U.S., Western Canada and the Middle East, the company developed specialized services fitting the needs of different locations, operating at the intersection of chemicals, equipment and service. 

Offering a complete line of emission control products, technologies and services across multiple entities, the company was operating on multiple disparate software running small aspects of the business, e.g. Monday.com for project management, Strumis for estimation, TSheets for time capture, Salesforce for field CRM and quotes, and CAD software for design. These software were not talking to each other requiring duplicate data entries. There was essentially no quick way to look at project profitability – requiring many man hours to generate one, which was at best only semi-accurate. There were also inter-company sales that added to the complexity of managing the whole operation.

After exhaustive need-finding, Panni worked with the  team to redesign the business processes across the different companies. Sage X3 was chosen as the key multi-company, multi-legislation software allowing all companies and holding companies to run from one single platform. The out-of-the-box integration between Sage X3 and Salesforce removed duplication and streamlined data entry.

Sage X3 eliminated the need for Monday.com, Strumis and TSheets, allowing for an integrated view of data and project tasks and financials. It also allowed consolidated reporting into one single chart of accounts for all companies, allowing for simplified reporting.

The integration with CAD/CAM software eliminated data entry into X3, allowing for faster operations and a streamlined purchasing and planning process.


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