One of the Top Vertically Integrated Canadian Cannabis Company Stays Compliant with Sage X3 and Panni’s CTLS and B300 Reporting Modules


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One of the top three vertically integrated cannabis producers, processor and retailer in Canada today was outgrowing QuickBooks, their then startup accounting software. They were looking to implement a complete end-to-end ERP system that could not only help them ramp up but also meet regulatory requirements of the Cannabis industry like the CTLS (Health Canada) and Form B300 (Canada Revenue Agency) monthly reportings. They needed processes in place to make sure they stayed eligible and were compliant.

As they had planned to go public, the company had to deal with complex business and reporting requirements and it was evident that QuickBooks was not going to cut it for them. They needed a comprehensive inventory, production, and supply chain management system that could also seamlessly manage traceability and recalls. They needed a system that could manage their cultivation, processing and retails businesses. The new system also needed to integrate with point of sales (PoS) systems and manage inventories for three growing facilities, all from a single point.

Panni was brought in for their CTLS and B300 reporting modules. After business process reviews, Panni suggested implementation with a phase-wise approach using Panni’s fast track process. The system was implemented in three months. The company can now calculate the excise tax requirement for the Form B300 for the Canada Revenue Agency while staying compliant with Health Canada’s CTLS reporting all with a few clicks, saving hundreds of man-hours every month.


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