White Paper

Choosing the right hybrid Business Intelligence strategy for your business

Many organizations have existing on-premises Business Intelligence (BI) investments. For these businesses, it often makes sense to move certain elements of their BI infrastructure to the cloud gradually. A 2019 survey by Dresner Advisory Services shows user confidence in the cloud has increased sharply over the last few years to reach an all-time high in 2019 – with the majority of organizations (51%) now using cloud BI versus traditional on- premises offerings, having doubled from 25% in 2016. This hybrid approach, where some components of your BI infrastructure are on-premise and other components are housed in the cloud, is referred to as a hybrid BI approach. Many factors influence how, when, and what is moved to the cloud—such as application life cycles, investment priorities, and infrastructure cost reduction targets. This staggered approach of updating elements of existing on- premises infrastructure with cloud deployments is a contributing factor to the current increase in hybrid cloud adoption. In fact, the research analyst Markets and markets estimates the global hybrid cloud market will grow from $33.28 Billion in 2016 to $92 Billion by 2021. Download the case study (PDF).

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