Creating Control Groups in Sage X3


Control groups in Sage X3 are designed to group a number of control accounts together under a single code. The search criteria can be then be set to call the account group which draws the balances in the accounts defined together to represent an area of interest on the chart of accounts (i.e. all accounts receivable balances). Statements, reminders, reports and inquiries are then more easily performed to encapsulate all accounts of interest on the chart of accounts.

In the case of a newly public company that was preparing working papers to support financial statements and notes to financial statements, the account grouping was created in Sage X3 to gather all accounts in the current assets, accounts receivable and current liabilities section. This account grouping allowed for ease of re-performance of the working papers for others in the accounting group and auditors.

To begin, navigate along the following path:

All > Common data > G/L accounting tables > General > Control groups

The user will then select the target chart of accounts by clicking the menu button in the right-hand corner of the active screen.

Click new as denoted by the plus (+) symbol.

Then enter the control group code (created previously in the account setup configuration), description and short description.

The user will then select the individual accounts from the list of account section by clicking on the search icon as seen below.

Resulting in the inclusion of certain accounts receivable accounts in this example.

Finally, the user will click create as denoted by the plus (+) symbol on the right-hand side of the active screen to complete the new control group.

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