How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

Technology has taken a center stage in the way management practices are conducted. Every need identified in the management of different fields has found a major breakthrough through technology-enabled solutions. Through mainframe computing, complex operations research calculations have become easier to manage than in the past. Client-server technology led to the development of enterprise resource planning systems that further evolved with the establishment of system-wide visibility that was needed for what is now known as business process management (BPM). Of these technologies, none is as impactful as cloud computing despite the value addition that has been realized in the application of each one of them.  Changing Times with Cloud Computing With the use of cloud computing, information gets to move fast across computing systems giving users virtual platforms with all the flexibility they need to handle their workload. This technology enables faster collection of data and analysis of the same along with other benefits of having a flexible management structure. There is more customer participation and a closer collaboration between departments that has largely influenced the design of company products. IT is now moving from a cost center to a cheaper and effective way of storing and processing company data. Cloud computing is basically a way of increasing resources and enabling faster working. Product Development and Customer Experience Cloud computing has made it possible for companies to develop services and products in the cloud. Further, marketing of the same products is also a possibility through cloud-based software prototypes. Upgrades and changes can now be done continuously as processes become a lot more iterative. Brands such as Uber have been able to keep a close connection between product design and deployment. This has been possible through the combination of mapping, mobile software, social networking and large-scale data analysis. As business-customer relationships tighten in cloud, companies are able to deploy quickly since new requirements are made promptly. Assessment-Based Management a Reality The possibility of assessments through cloud computing guarantees proper management. Now that certain aspects of the business can be measured, managing such becomes a possibility. The ease of replicating processes faster is a reality. To keep up with this technology, however, there is need for trained human resources, organizational innovation and social institutions such as regulation and infrastructure to accommodate it. Emerging “Cloud Native” Organizations The cloud infrastructure is many servers dispersed around the world with high-speed fiber internet connectivity. The objective is to ensure an easy use as well as low-impact components alteration of each of the software applications. Conventional complex software had a lot of dependencies alongside different lines of code that would need huge rewrites even when only small changes were needed. However, with cloud computing, an application can be deployed and managed globally from one location without any difficulties. The most commonly used open source software, Kubernetes is one resourceful tool that has made this possible by encouraging collaboration across the board. The feedback is made faster on this platform. Further on that, the fear of taking big projects no longer exists because the many processes taking place in a huge software project can be managed in a transparent way where issues get handled faster. Conclusion Management has experienced a major transformation with the application of cloud computing that has ensured a lot of flexibility in the storage and processing of data as well as improving processes. The virtualization of computer server in cloud allows more workloads for each machine. Work can be assigned in small portions and dispersed either to maximize resources or for security reasons.

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