How to correct the error ‘Stock Tables and FIFO cost Desynchronized’ followed by ‘Error on the adjustment of prices!’ V11 and beyond



  • Beginning at v5p16 (and applicable V6) the system will prohibit any transactions to an item if the FIFO cost layers (these are automatically stored in Sage ERP X3) are out of sync with the actual quantity.
  • FIFO layers are stored for all products in X3 regardless of the valuation.
You will receive a log similar to this when trying to perform various transactions pertaining to the products below: word-image There are a few separate situations that occur and this will identify which of the below steps will correct the error and allow transactions to post: Situation #1/Sample #1 – The error is received because there is a ‘Quantity Variance’ in the FIFO layers (this can be Basis layers OR the Batches (Lot) layers)
  1. Go to Stock > Utilities > Valuation > Value Change.
    1. Enter the product/site information.
    2. You MUST blank out the Automatic Journal field ** This is imperative so that a journal entry will NOT be created!
    3. Notice there is a Quantity Variance (this is difference between the Active Quantity and the FIFO basis layers (and/or Lot layers).
    4. In the above example Active Quantity (stock qty) = 2 and Total Quantity (Fifo) = 1 leaving the Quantity Variance = -1 (this can also be a positive number and/or a fractional number).
  1. You will now need to increase/decrease the ‘Active quantity’ field on the line level under the FIFO basis block. If there are multiple lines, any line can be chosen.
  2. In this example increase the active quantity on the line by 1 as there is a negative variance. It will be vice versa for positive variance.
word-image Notice the Quantity Variance now = blank (0). Click OK to save the change.  

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