Outgrowing Netsuite – Consider Sage X3 for Your Next Move

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As your business grows, you might start outgrowing Netsuite. Oracle Netsuite might not have the features to support companies that want to expand or go global. Sage X3, on the other hand, has the flexibility and configuration to fit most businesses and systems. Discover more reasons why you should consider switching to Sage X3 in this blog.

Netsuite vs Sage X3

Netsuite and Sage X3 are both excellent software solutions for enterprise resource planning. The biggest difference between the two is that Netsuite lacks the features and seamless integration of Sage X3. Here are the key differences to help ensure that you are using the perfect solution for your business:


NetSuite claims to have a lot of features, but this comes with a catch. A lot of features of NetSuite and their functions do not fit many industries. It is also not an all-in-one solution—most of the time, businesses will have to include additional customization and integrations for successful implementation, which can take a lot of time to install. 

Sage X3 however, has features with deeper functionality for a variety of industries. It can be used for process manufacturing, food and beverage, financial management, and cloud business management. If you are looking for a product that supports a suite of applications and software, consider migrating to Sage X3.


NetSuite works solely as a cloud-based platform. It has very limited customization capabilities when it comes to deployment. Sage X3 however, allows more freedom with deployment as it can run on-premise or in the cloud. You can choose where you want to run it and it works on a device agnostic (such as your laptop or tablet), so you can easily switch to the device and browser that works best and fastest for your company.

Flexibility, Customization, and Ownership

When you purchase Sage X3, especially if you deploy it on your own servers, you receive ownership of our full-service ERP system. You can customize the system and integrate it into third-party applications as needed. With NetSuite, you do not own the software platform, which means there is very limited ability to customize it for your workflow processes. It especially becomes an issue for complex manufacturing environments. If you require add-on software or third-party applications, Sage X3 is the best solution for your business.

Going Global

Although both products support multiple currencies and languages, NetSuite needs additional plug-ins to work across countries. Sage X3 can work with multiple accounts and international customers through a single software license. If your company is global or plans to expand, Sage X3 will offer you more tools to help you manage your global business processes. 


NetSuite does not have the best support for users, leaving most users having to seek internal resources for assistance. There is a better level of support for Sage X3 users, with an extensive knowledge base, help desk, and consultants on standby to help companies navigate through complicated technical processes. 


The pricing of NetSuite can vary based on the features and add-ons your business requires. The general user access license is currently at $136 CAD per month (at the time of publishing this article). Remember, this is the price to “rent” the software, and there is a significant jump in pricing after year one. The cost of data for Netsuite can be quite high, with companies spending between $25-$75,000 on data implementation. 

When you purchase Sage X3, you will own the software and have full user licenses for $235 CAD per month. The price varies depending on configuration and user count, but it is a more affordable solution to receive a lot more features.

If you find your business is outgrowing NetSuite, do not delay – contact the Panni Management Enterprise Consulting Services to take a tour of SageX3 today!

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