How to Hide and Unhide the Fields in Screen Dynamically in Sage Enterprise Management using Code

Description: Sometimes it is required to hide or unhide the some fields in Sage X3 screens dynamically by using Sage X3 4GL, based on certain criteria. Following example shows that how to add project field in sales order screen “SOH1” and hiding and un-hiding the field based on sales order status.
  • Sales order is close then Hide the project field
  • Sales order is open then Unhide the project field
The following code is used for this purpose. C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\hide-1.png The following order has not closed yet that is why still the project field is still visible as shown. C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\hide-2.png After the order has been closed, now the field is not visible. C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\hide-3.png

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