Microsoft BI powers Sales Analysis to report in runtime on top Three items on Amount/Quantity basis with Invoice level details

It is vital for any organization to have clear knowledge about their hot cake product range. Total Quantity and Total Amount of these products are the key indicators that are generally monitored by higher management in any organization. This article investigates the analysis made on products to develop a Sales and Inventory strategy and identifies how it can help organizations. Total Amount earned against each product helps to identify the product which brings the most revenue and calculates the percentage of each product in the total purchase. It can be easily predicted from previous data that how much a product will earn in next month, quarter or year. Total Quantity sold against each product helps the organization to manage its stock. The stock shortage can be easily predicted and then avoided on the basis of previous information. We have developed a report for our client. The client didn’t have any standard report or any other automation to calculate Total Quantity and Total Amount across each product. They have to manually enter the data in Excel and then analysis can be performed on it. These problems are resolved by this report.

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