“Folder validation cannot be completed. The patch integration is in progress.” error in Sage X3 V12

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You may get the following error when you are trying to validate a folder in Sage X3 V12:


If there is an incomplete process of patch integration, a validation or upgrade for any other folders, then you may have to fix that folder in order to get the current folder to validate successfully.


You can solve this in two ways:

Solution #1:

If you have access to the database, run the following query:

,[UPDSTATUS_0] -- 1=Control OK, 2=In Progress, 3=Ended, 4=n/a, 5=Error, 6=Warnings
where UPDPROCESS_0 = 1 and (UPDSTATUS_0 = 1 or UPDSTATUS_0 = 2)

Look for any record which has field “UPDSTATUS_0” with a value of 2. Change it this to either 3 or 5.

Now try to validate the folder.

Solution #2:

Login to Sage X3 and connect X3 folder.

Go to table Maintenances and select “In lines”

Enter the table code “AUPDATE” and click OK.

Find out if there is any record that has the field “UPDSTATUS_0” with a value of 2 and change it either 3 or 5.

Now try to validate the folder.

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