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CRMS combines the power of Sage X3 and popular POS solutions like COVA to enable your company to have complete end-to-end financial and supply chain management.

CRMS Features

Realtime PoS integration

Allows the financial integration with retail point of sale.

True multi-company

Multi-company – Ability to manage multi-company operations. This is extremely useful in Joint Venture operations with other Cannabis retailers, especially in the Ontario market.

Advanced demand planning

Advanced demand planning across your supply chain.

Manage every store as a financial site

Manage each store as a financial site under the same company allowing the ability to look at each store profitability in a single click.

Centralized purchase management

Easier management of purchasing at the head office. Purchase Orders are instantly pushed out to Cova point of sales systems giving everyone an instant view of the entire purchasing.

Leverage the power of Sage X3 for stock management

Integration of Sage X3 and Cova allows the supply chain department to leverage Sage X3’s advanced inventory management features such as min and max reorder points, reorder by periods, safety stocks, and seasonal demand planning.

Project cash flows

CRMS allows finance to see the financial commitment and project cash flows.

CRMS in Action

Is your cannabis business in need of a robust end-to-end financial solution?

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