White Paper

Key Technology Trends Shaping the Future of Food Industry Supply Chain

Jigar Patel, David Choi, Tal Regev, Neel Patel
Rutgers University

February 20, 2022

Looking back in the early 2010’s many of the technological features weren’t as prevalent in the food and beverage supply chain industry as they are today. Over the decade, the computing power and availability of computers has increased while the price has dropped. This means that the business world has focused on integrating the vast amount of computing power to maximize efficiency throughout their companies.

Manufacturing companies that used to rely on old fashion forms of communication have slowly been forced to adopt newer technology due to pressure from some suppliers/consumers. Download the white paper to read more about the key technology trends shaping the future of the food and beverage industry supply chain.


This study is part of a series commissioned by Panni Management to explore the current and future trends in the supply chain industries. These studies have been conducted in partnership with leading research institutions and programs across North America to provide a broad view of the topics.

Download the White Paper

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