White Paper

Key Trends in the Food Supply Chain

Amey Peshwe, Ashish Kulkarni, Tejal Dhamale, Vishwam Sehgal, Tong Wang (Fall 2020)
The University of Texas at Dallas

April 20, 2021

In researching the current state of food and beverage industry, several concepts, issues and challenges in the food supply chain industry were examined, out of which only factors that have the maximum impact on the food supply chain were selected. The topics that this paper focuses on are traceability, visibility, effects of COVID 19, compliance management, and changes in customer demands. Issues and emerging trends related to these topics were also studied. A questionnaire based on the above topics was presented to executives working in food processing/manufacturing companies.

Insights on planning, operations, technologies, methodologies and strategies of these companies, contingency plans and upcoming improvements on the shortlisted topics were explored. After this an investigation and analysis were carried out, focusing on what these companies were doing differently and how it was helping them transform their organizations.

This study is part of a series commissioned by Panni Management to explore the current and future trends in the supply chain industries. These studies have been conducted in partnership with leading research institutions and programs across North America to provide a broad view of the topics.

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