5 Signs It’s Time to Leave QuickBooks

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Is it time to leave QuickBooks? QuickBooks online features have been useful for companies, but as they adapt and grow, so will their software. As a business owner, you need to be able to tell when you’ve outgrown your ERP and accounting software solution. Knowing when to migrate to better solutions will help your company to grow and adapt in an-ever changing environment. Here are five signs that your business should leave QuickBooks enterprise. 

It’s Hard to Keep Track of Business Processes

Can’t keep up with your company’s performance? It may be difficult to track your company’s business processes if QuickBooks is your financial software. Data is logged into QuickBooks, which leaves your staff relying on several spreadsheets to keep track of business processes. Not only does this waste valuable time, but Excel sheets are also often flawed, leaving staff with data that has errors or outdated information. 

Using ERP solutions such as Sage X3, however, makes tracking business processes easier. These solutions provide real-time info, reports, and analytics across one chart of accounts.

Technology Has Taken Priority Over Results

QuickBooks is not a cloud-based solution. You may think that downloading the latest financial management software is best, but your business may have to regularly integrate new apps, which can be quite costly. You will then have to update manually, which is a time-consuming process. Some QuickBook versions may not even function properly depending on the system you use, which puts your business at risk of malware or data loss (especially if you don’t implement software updates).

Cloud-based business software, however, is more secure, and you can receive better results than QuickBooks as most come with integrated features.

You Still Need to Use Manual Processes

Manual processes can be time-consuming. They can also delay your business from making important decisions. If your business has to process manual data for basic accounting tasks or has trouble balancing financial statements, it may be time to leave QuickBooks. When you use cloud ERP software, you’ll receive key features (and optional features) to help your business automate and streamline your manual processes.

You’re Struggling With Audits and Financing

Is your staff having trouble with its auditing and financing? QuickBooks may not be the best solution for your business’s accounting complexity. A cloud ERP solution provides special features that can help you with your audits and financial statements, including automated workflows and real-time reporting capabilities. 

It is Difficult to Adapt to Changing Leads and Requirements

Your business requirements and processes can change. Your accounting software and inventory management software need to be able to adapt to these changes. QuickBooks lacks the features needed to manage changes to sales and leads.

If your business is expanding or if you find yourself needing advanced reporting features, consider crossing over to a cloud financial software such as Sage X3 with integrations to make your sales team’s job much easier.

Why Migrate to Sage X3?

If you’re looking to update your software, Sage X3 changes how businesses work and grow. It delivers faster and more flexible financial management at a fraction of the cost. Apart from its special features such as AR accounting and financials, and employee expense management, it provides a non-complex accounting solution for both small and larger businesses. 

As a Sage X3 expert, Panni has helped companies transform their businesses to become more efficient and profitable. As a leading ERP implementation company trusted by dozens of companies, we can help you migrate to Sage X3 and grow your business.

Considering migrating to Sage X3? Give our team a call if you want to leave QuickBooks, today!

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