Why Sage 500 Users Are Moving to Sage X3

Users moving from Sage 500 to Sage X3

As a Sage 500 user, you might be wondering when it is time to update your software. Updating your business management software (or accounting software) is essential to take your business to the next level. Sage Business Cloud X3 can offer many benefits, but is it applicable to your business, and will it be a good investment? Find out when you should migrate to Sage X3 here.

The IT Department Needs More Flexibility

Does your business do a lot of manual data entry or processing? Even with a Sage 500 ERP partner, an IT department is usually needed to handle manual processes. As business functions become more complex, there will be extra stress on IT departments. Successful employees know that they need to make business decisions that will help them to save time and money. Moving over to Sage X3 gives their IT departments more flexibility as it is easy to configure and work on the business premise. Being easier to configure also means they get to save money in the long term on training staff to use the program. 

The Company Has Gone Global

Has your business become global? Larger companies will benefit from Sage X3 as it has global scalable manufacturing capabilities. Sage X3 offers support in more than 30 countries. The business software is easy to install no matter where your business is in the world, and it updates automatically for easier configuration. 

A Need for More Sophisticated Licensing Options

Different types of businesses require different licenses. Larger businesses usually need new licensing options as their business grows. Sage X3 gives larger businesses absolute control over licensing options. If your business has gone global, you can choose what licensing options you need as your company grows and expands. You also won’t have to pay an additional cost for licensing that your employees won’t need, which saves you money.

Employees Spend Too Much Time on Data Entry

The manual entry of data can be time-consuming. Sage X3 helps businesses cross over to automated data entry systems. If your staff is spending too much time on data entry, migrating to Sage X3 allows your staff to cut time with its advanced accounting program features. Your staff can easily process invoices for payment and make financial reporting adjustments as needed to streamline your business. 

The Need for Enhanced Production Functionality

Sage X3 has the product management functionality of Sage 500 but with even better features. Businesses take advantage of these features to enhance their production. Some of the features that help businesses with production include Change Control Management (CCM), scheduling and optimization, and work order management. 

Access to New Tools

Does your business need specific business and industry-specific features? It would be beneficial to migrate to Sage X3. Sage X3 helps businesses to make better decisions as it offers access to new tools. Some features to help employees include real-time analytics and dashboards. It also has a friendly user experience for staff.

Better Process Management Capabilities

Businesses have become more streamlined after the pandemic. They prefer a business management solution with additional functionality to help them with their day-to-day tasks. Sage X3 offers this as it has advanced management capabilities. It provides more inventory, quality, and sales management capabilities than Sage 500. If you need these quality controls, Sage X3 is the software you need. 

Are you thinking of migrating to Sage X3? Panni’s enterprise consulting services can help your business adjust to the new software and transform it to become more efficient, agile, and profitable.

If Sage 500 is no longer helping your business, contact our team today to schedule a Sage X3 product tour or for additional information on Sage 500 ERP vs Sage X3 ERP!

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