Analytical Budget Copy in Sage X3

Once analytical budgets are created in Sage X3, a copy of the budget may be needed or desired to simulate scenario analysis. A copy of an existing budget may be created with an increase or decrease to the line items. The budget copy is based on the source budget structure and set up and the destination for the copy is chosen.

The newly public company can illustrate the scenarios and actions of management and the line staff as the effect on the outcomes are realized in the budget.

To begin an analytical budget copy the user must follow the following path:

All > Financials > Budget > Budget copy

Fields with denoted with the red asterisk (*) must have values to satisfy the creation of analytical budget copies.

The source budget must be chosen as the first step. Specific active version, company and fiscal year are needed to reference source information. The fiscal year is chosen by the sequence of years after the initial year (i.e. 1 is the initial year of 2017 and 2 is chosen for the second fiscal year of 2018 in this case).

The target or destination budget is then chosen. Specific active version, company and fiscal year are needed to reference destination information that will show the results of the copy and be available for further modification as necessary.

The key information to the copy of the budget may be the coefficient as noted below. Values below one are decreases and values greater than one are increases (i.e. a 20% increase to all values on the line items of the budget in this case).

The amounts copied are available by period (i.e. shorter than one fiscal year) or in annual amounts which will not show period-over-period changes or amounts remaining by period.

The user will then click ok and the source analytical budget will be copied into the destination budget for scenario analysis or alternate action analysis.

James Hurren

James Hurren

James Hurren is a Senior Financial Consultant at Panni. He brings with him expertise in ERP design and implementation, IT Initiatives and enhancements, Strategic Leadership, Financial Reporting & Analysis, IFRS & TSX Compliance, Debt and Equity Financing, Budget Preparation Process Optimization.

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