Grow your food and beverage manufacturing business with Sage X3 ERP Software

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Invest in Tailor-made Solutions for Industry Specific Complexities

Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses operate in a highly competitive environment with many layers of unique complexities. From traceability concerns and ever-changing regulations to food safety management issues and waste reduction efforts, several factors impact the operational efficiencies and profitability of your F&B business. A highly customized ERP solution, such as Sage X3 can address many industry specific challenges and help you take your organization to the next level of digital transformation.

Read on for valuable insights into custom ERP solutions that can simplify the F&B supply chain management and help you grow your food and beverage manufacturing business.

Why Do Food & Beverage Manufacturers Need an ERP System?

As a food or beverage manufacturer, your supply chain effectiveness has various dependencies, such as demand and supply planning, production scheduling, warehousing and inventory, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and more. An ERP system uniquely designed for the F&B industry can help you manage these dependencies with powerful features and solution capabilities that:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies across the supply chain
  • Streamline your compliance efforts
  • Provide improved visibility and business intelligence
  • Accelerate decision making in all areas of your business

Here are just a few benefits of investing in a customized F&B ERP software that offers sector specific features and functionalities.

Lot Tracking and Full Traceability

Lot and batch tracking is a critical and necessary feature for any F&B business. A customized F&B ERP solution provides one-click forward and backward traceability at the produce, ingredient, lot, batch, or any other granular level. Basically, it enables efficient handling of product quality issues, expiration management, labelling issues, allergen tracking, contamination, recalls, and any other trending concerns, helping your business steer clear of non-compliance related fines or litigation.

Detailed Record Keeping

An F&B-focused ERP solution enables standardized and unified record keeping on various aspects, including ingredient management, recipe development, manufacturing instructions, and more. Moreover, you and your teams get flexible, anytime-anywhere access to accurate, real-time data and information that enables smart decisions in multiple areas of the business.

Recipe and Formula Management

Your tailored F&B ERP solution can play a key role in managing and recording the formulation or recipes, maintaining batch quality, providing complex gravity calculations, as well as streamlining and strengthening the overall value chain and manufacturing processes. With built-in access and version controls and easy calculation tools, recipe management can be both consistent and scalable for your F&B business.

Inventory Management

Customizing the F&B ERP system can add value to the entire supply chain, including inventory management, lot tracking, warehousing, production workflows, production schedules, and more. This integrated approach can lead to more efficient and insightful inventory management decisions that reduce wastage, improve product quality, and enhance the profitability of your business.

Advanced Quality Control

Modern F&B ERP solutions offer several other useful functionalities, including product configuration, work order management, as well as robust change control management (CCM), all of which contribute towards advanced quality control throughout the F&B supply chain.

Invest in the Multifaceted Sage X3 F&B ERP Solution

As a comprehensive F&B ERP system, Sage X3 offers unlimited measurement units, superior lot tracking and traceability, multi-costing methods, advanced production planning and shelf-life management, versatile formula and recipe management, detailed allergen tracking, and robust quality control. Your F&B business will benefit from its simplified user interface, built-in multi-level compliance, advanced business intelligence offerings, and many other unique, industry focused features and functionalities.

Whether you are upgrading from a traditional or generic ERP system or adopting a F&B ERP for the first time, the experienced team at Panni Management can help you in every aspect of the ERP system customization, rollout, and adaptation.

Contact us to speak to one of our F&B ERP solution experts at Panni Management. We can help you explore the Sage X3 ERP system and its many benefits for your business.

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