Is your F&B ERP Solution Customization Aligned with Your Overall Business and IT Strategies?

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Make Smart Technology Decisions for a Successful Digital Transformation

As an owner or key decision maker in the Food & Beverage (F&B) business, you may have to make tough choices in terms of technologies and systems that can boost your digital transformation initiatives. Aspects such as mobile capabilities, out-of-box integrations, cloud computing, granular level traceability, or Artificial Intelligence (AI) for complex problem-solving have become imperative in order to remain agile, competitive and profitable amidst tough competition and dynamic economies.

However, many traditional systems do not have the capabilities or scalability to tackle today’s F&B sector’s needs and challenges. Are you dealing with legacy systems that need a complete overhaul, or is this the first time you are looking for a comprehensive Food & Beverage ERP? No matter what your situation, it is important to select the right ERP solution for your Food & Beverage business, while ensuring alignment between system customizations and your business and IT strategies.

Key Areas for Food & Beverage ERP Solution Implementation and Alignment

One of the first steps for a successful ERP solution implementation is to define your organization’s digital transformation goals, risk appetite, and budget.

  • Are you looking at making incremental improvements in your existing systems to bring in greater efficiency and productivity? OR
  • Are you considering disruptive technology that will materially transform the existing business models for providing better products and services to your customers?

Once there is adequate consensus and buy-in amongst the key stakeholders, define the expected return on investment in terms of business outcomes. For example,

  • Are you struggling with silo-based systems that are making recipe and ingredient management difficult? Your Food & Beverage ERP solution should enable a standardized and unified record keeping system for managing new formulas, recipe development, manufacturing instructions and quality maintenance.
  • Is inconsistent food labeling causing frequent recalls or quality assurance and productivity loss issues? Your Food & Beverage ERP solution’s automated label generation features should be capable of remaining current on applicable regulations and industry standards for inclusion of nutritional data, ingredients, and allergen information.
  • Are your inventory management decisions lacking efficiency and foresight? You need a Food & Beverage ERP solution that integrates warehouse management, and offers real-time, actionable insights for improved decision-making on maintaining suitable inventory levels.

Lastly, create a robust roadmap for cohesion and alignment between your business, IT teams and the chosen ERP implementation partner. This includes:

  • Appointing an executive-level sponsor for championing the project
  • Creating cross functional teams that bring relevant perspectives on the various ERP implementation phases, such as discovery, planning, design and development, data migration, testing, fine-tuning, go-live, staff training and ongoing support.
  • Deep diving into the impact of customizations as there is always the danger of going overboard, which can later result in the complete lack of auto upgrades, or labour-intensive reviews of system upgrades
  • Determining the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking and monitoring the ongoing progress and success of your Food & Beverage ERP solution implementation

A Food & Beverage ERP implementation is not an IT project alone. It involves harmonization of priorities across business and IT teams, extensive change management and business process management initiatives, and a significant commitment of time, cost and resources over an extended period of time. At Panni, our knowledgeable professionals can guide and support you on all aspects of ERP system customization, rollout and adaptation. The multifaceted SAGE X3 Food and Beverage ERP solution is a great fit for small to mid-sized F&B businesses looking to streamline compliance, improve product quality, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Explore the Innovative, Powerful, SAGE X3 Food & Beverage ERP Solution

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