How to Add Order in the Container and Create Shipment Invoice in Sage SAGE X3

Adding Order in the Container:
The following section will elaborate, how to add an order in the container. To add an order in the container, go to: All ???? Purchasing ???? Shipments Click New and window will appear as shown below. Word Image You can add details like, Departure Date/Place and Arrival Date/Place etc. as per requirement. Word Image Under line tabs you can select Order number from “Order Selection” and it’ll fetch all necessary information from your created order. Word Image Click Create. How to Make Shipment Invoice: Complimentary invoice is for landed cost where supplier is different. To make a shipping invoice go to Purchasing ???? Invoice ???? Invoice As shown below: Word Image The following window may appear so select all full entry Word Image Similarly, as described earlier just click new and assign all values Word Image Once all mandatory values are assigned, just click Create. Word Image Under line tab you can select Word Image Once you have selected, the following window appears Word Image Select from “Shipment Selection” tab from left side as shown above. Select shipment and assign amount.   Word Image Word Image Once you are done click Create as shown above. It is necessary to post after you have successfully created the invoice.

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