How to Apply Styles at Screen Level in Sage X3 V9

One exciting feature in Sage x3 is that it is possible to apply styles at screen level based on some criteria. We can either apply for text or as background color on screen. For example, if a customer wants to easily identify the fully allocated stock or shortage stock of the product then based on some criteria, then it’s better to apply styles for text or background, which makes it easy to identify which one is fully allocated or shortage in Sage X3. Styles in Sage X3 screens can be applied as follows: The following example is from Purchase Order and we need to apply the style for purchase order lines as shown below, there is no style applied for lines yet. AllPurchasing Orders C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\sty-1.png We’ll have to choose the style code, which we would like to apply for purchase order lines. Personalized styles can be found All Setup General Parameters Personalization Screens C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\stl-0.png After we have decided the code, then we’ll have to write the small piece of code in “STYLE” label in specific process as shown below: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\sty-2.png Once we have complete the code, compile and open the purchase order function, it should have applied red background as we did in the coding part. C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\graphical requestor\sty-3.png

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