Is your ERP Solution Aligned with Your Overall Business and IT Strategies?

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Choose the Right Implementation Strategy for a Successful Digital Transformation

Has your organization embarked on the challenging and exciting journey of digital transformation in the form of a manufacturing ERP solution? Have you created the requisite buy-in amongst all the key stakeholders for ensuring that this massive undertaking is a success? Any organization that is adapting or transitioning to a new ERP system needs a solid plan to ensure alignment with the overall business and IT strategies. Read on to learn more about the key stages of implementation, along with some best practices for an efficient manufacturing ERP solution implementation.

ERP Solution Implementation Stages and Strategies

While a typical manufacturing ERP implementation will include multiple phases and span several months, the sequence of stages may be quite similar. This includes the discovery and planning, design and development, data migration and testing, fine-tuning and go-live, training the staff, and providing ongoing system support. One of the first steps in the ERP system adaptation is identifying the key challenges of your business and what you expect your ERP solution to do for you. For example:
  • Scenario 1: Do you manufacture a complex product that requires hundreds of different raw materials or sub-assemblies, with timely availability of raw materials? Your ERP solution needs to enable advanced planning and stock optimization.
  • Scenario 2: Are you a project-based manufacturing company that is struggling with multiple systems for key functions, such as time sheets, project management, inventory management and so on? You need an all-in-one ERP solution that not only integrates all the data into one unified window, but also allows your managers better visibility for informed decision making.
  • Scenario 3: Are outdated versions of Bill of Materials (BOM) parked in your ERP system leading to updating delays and additional cleanups? You need a smart ERP system that auto integrates with the CAD software to provide accurate, version-controlled BOMs for efficient and cost-effective inventory management.
  The ERP system implementation strategies also make a substantial difference to the quality of the rollout and early system adoption by your employees. Whether your organization uses a big-bang, go-live-for-all-at-once approach, a phased rollout, a parallel adoption or a hybrid implementation, keep in mind that no single ERP system implementation strategy works for every company or situation. A lot depends on your specific industry, organization size, business complexities, risk tolerance, budget, and the desired pace of return on investment (ROI). What’s most important during the implementation is to:
  • Create a carefully-planned cross functional team, along with an executive sponsorship
  • Obtain senior management buy-in, while also managing expectations throughout the organizational hierarchy
  • Consider the impact of customizations so that you do not go overboard with them during the design phase
  • Use the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure your organization’s progress and success of ERP solution implementation

Explore the Multifaceted SAGE X3 Manufacturing ERP Solution

Implementation of any manufacturing ERP solution is a big step for any organization. Whether you are upgrading from an existing ERP solution, or adopting one for the first time, partnering with an enterprise consulting services expert, such as Panni will empower you in driving your digital transformation goals. We can help you explore and adapt a powerful, flexible, innovative, and multifaceted system, such as the SAGE X3 ERP solution for manufacturing. Our experienced professionals can also support you and your teams in developing a business case, creating a technology roadmap, and all other aspects of the ERP system customization, rollout and adaptation. Learn more about aligning manufacturing ERP solutions to your business priorities with Sage X3. Contact us to speak to one of our experts at Panni Management today.

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