What is SAGE X3 ERP?

What is SAGE X3 ERP?

What is SAGE X3 ERP?

Learn What SAGE X3 Can Do for Your Business

In the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, there are many offerings for integration of business processes. SAGE is a leading ERP system that stands out for its intuitive, comprehensive, industry-specific ERP solutions, and its potential to boost the end-to-end digital transformation journey of any organization. The SAGE group offers a wide range of ERP systems, each catering to the unique needs of specific industries or functions. Early versions of the SAGE systems primarily focused on small business accounting software and financial products, such as SAGE 50 ERP and SAGE 100 ERP. However, the more recent SAGE offerings include advanced, cloud-based ERP systems, such as SAGE 300 and SAGE X3 for end-to-end support across various business processes. The SAGE group also offers SAGE Intacct, a true cloud ERP and the only accounting and financial management software that has American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) endorsement.

Read on to learn more about the various SAGE ERP systems.


What is SAGE 50?

As a powerful business management software, every SAGE ERP system has the potential to streamline your business processes and make your operations more efficient and profitable. In its original version, SAGE 50 was a basic business accounting system, whereas SAGE 50cloud Accounting is the same desktop-based SAGE accounting software powered with cloud-connectivity. Based on a subscription model with versatile plans for individual users and teams, SAGE 50cloud Accounting software is ideal for businesses that need advanced budgeting, job costing, and other industry specific accounting features. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it can keep two years of transaction activity open at one time. This makes closing year end accounts in SAGE 50 far more flexible and efficient, as you do not need to do it exactly at the end of the last accounting period.

What is SAGE 300?

SAGE 300 is a business management software that allows you to manage various areas of the business through an ERP system. Besides finance and accounting, you get separate modules for operations management, inventory management (including lot tracking), and distribution. SAGE 300cloud is also a desktop-based product with cloud connection, and is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations, especially those with more than one location or entity. A version of SAGE 300, the SAGE 300CRE specifically caters to the Construction and Real Estate businesses and is a very popular accounting software in this sector. The SAGE Business Cloud accounting software includes both, SAGE 300cloud and SAGE 300 CRE.

What is SAGE 500?

A complete enterprise management solution catering to large organizations, the SAGE 500 ERP system enables every business function to run consistently at peak efficiency levels. The SAGE 500 ERP software is not only flexible and customizable, but it also offers the scalability to support growing organizations that have evolving needs and business goals. Ideal for large, progressive organizations that wish to build upon their core financial accounting software, the SAGE 500 ERP enables businesses to streamline their operations, manage with insights, and improve profitability across every aspect of the enterprise.

What is SAGE X3?

One of the most advanced offerings from the SAGE Group, SAGE X3 ERP is a powerful, cloud-based ERP system that offers flexible business management solutions for medium-sized businesses across sectors. From purchasing, inventory management, and manufacturing operations, to finance, sales, and customer service, SAGE X3 can help you streamline and simplify every aspect of your business.

Here are some of the benefits of the SAGE X3 ERP system:

  • Ideal for businesses with multi-company, multi-national, multi-language, multi-legislation and multi-currency transactions, processes, or relationships.
  • Complete integration and seamless flow of data and information between finance, sales, supply chain, and customer service.
  • Fast, innovative, flexible, and highly customizable system that can seamlessly integrate with other organization-specific software.
  • Robust functionalities that enable automated and accelerated processes, and smart and quick decision-making on various business aspects.
  • Solid support and guidance for achieving complete global and local regulatory compliance.
  • Feature-packed business intelligence module that supports planning, tracking, scheduling, and reporting across functions and processes.
  • Efficient user-interface and superior access and availability.
  • Sophisticated forward and backward traceability, including batch and lot tracking

SAGE X3 ERP can Drive your Digital Transformation Goals: With the right customizations, SAGE X3 ERP can become a dedicated, unified platform to manage all aspects of your business. You will get complete visibility and control over your internal operations, which in turn helps you respond faster to the various complex organizational issues. Whether it is managing traceability concerns, minimizing waste, or ensuring the safety and quality of the materials or end products, the SAGE X3 ERP system has the potential to completely transform the way you operate your business.

SAGE X3 ERP Offers Industry-focused Solutions: SAGE X3 has ERP solutions that cater to a cross section of industries, including manufacturing, chemicals, food & beverage, distribution, and professional services. For example, manufacturing businesses can take advantage of the SAGE X3 Web Scheduler (formerly called Production Scheduler). Not only does it track and record time-based production data, such as shifts and hours worked, but it also enables resource prioritization and optimization, which in turn can improve the overall business productivity and profitability.

SAGE X3 ERP Comes with 15 Complementary Partner Solutions: From business intelligence, document management, logistics management, and manufacturing, to finance, HR, sales, and e-commerce, SAGE X3 ERP offers flexible, complementary solutions for all critical business functions. For example, its finance offering, SAGE X3 Fixed Assets software can support the entire fixed asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal in a simple and streamlined manner. Its key features include comprehensive depreciation calculations, asset inventory tracking and reconciliation, capital budget management, construction in-progress management, and tailor-made reports. Businesses can benefit from its graphical step-by-step process maps, highly customizable reports, and accurate and speedy calculations. Automated asset valuations, improved compliance with legal frameworks, and greater information and data security are just some of the additional benefits of adopting the SAGE X3 Fixed Asset Management software.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with the Multifaceted SAGE X3 ERP System

Implementing an ERP solution is a huge transformational journey for any organization. Without proper guidance and a balance of technology and change management initiatives, your investment may not generate the desired ROI for this mammoth project. Partnering with an experienced ERP solutions deployment expert, such as Panni Management can help your business achieve your digital transformation goals in a timely and efficient manner.

At Panni, we have years of experience and expertise in deploying the powerful, innovative SAGE X3 ERP solution for a variety of businesses across sectors. Besides the end-to-end system configuration and deployment, we can help you in every step of the ERP implementation journey, including business case development and change management initiatives for adoption of the new system. Our goal is to assist you in implementing a world-class ERP solution for building a profitable and future-ready business.

Are you ready to make your business more agile, efficient and profitable? Get in touch with the experts at Panni today. Get in touch with the experts at Panni to discuss your ERP system requirements. You can also book a SAGE X3 demo to learn more about its many features and functionalities.

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