What is the purpose of frequently updating ERP software?

What Is the Purpose of Frequently Updating ERP Software?

Update Your ERP Systems for Enhancements and Compliance

At the beginning of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) upgrade project, everyone is excited about the possibilities that come with additional capabilities and improvements over legacy systems. However, as the project progresses, interest typically wanes. At this point, it’s important to remind your personnel that moving to the latest version will ensure you remain in compliance and can continue using your decision support system. Now is the time to determine whether your organization is ready to upgrade to the latest version of the current ERP system. Alternatively, your team may decide to move to a cloud ERP system, such as Sage X3. At Panni Management, we aim to help you make the right decision for your organization. First, let’s define an ERP upgrade and the benefits of staying in your legacy ERP system.

What Is an ERP Upgrade, Exactly?

Organizations use ERP systems to coordinate daily tasks such as:

  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Accounting
  • Risk management and compliance
With the right business process software, you can integrate data from production, logistics, supply chain, and sales to make an informed decision about business operations. In fact, a comprehensive ERP solution creates a unified system to digitize, streamline, and improve your business processes. New versions of ERP software typically contain added functionality such as remote access and mobility. Therefore, the scope of your project could encompass large or small changes, including the addition of alerts and other proactive tools.

Benefits of Upgrading Your ERP System

Update your ERP system to increase performance and productivity. Newer versions are easier to integrate with other software, resulting in lower IT costs. Other benefits include the following:

Unsupported Software:

Software developers continuously release new versions to enhance customer experiences and to fix bugs. So, it follows that you’ll need to upgrade your ERP system frequently to keep up with the latest innovations. Additional reasons to upgrade include:
  • Staying on the latest version of your ERP solution. Staying on an unsupported version of your software can lead to a number of risks, such as slow performance and bugs.
  • Better data security. Data security is always one of the top priorities at any company. However, outdated and unsupported software can leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks.
  • Regulations. It’s important to avoid paying fines by remaining compliant with local rules and regulations.

Staying Up to Date

Manage daily activities and decisions better when you update your ERP system. Customized, industry-leading ERP software can help you make the right decisions for your team. Here are just a few benefits of upgrading to a reliable, robust ERP solution like Sage X3:
  • Agile: Integrates with other essential ERP modules and tools.
  • Efficient: Save time and money with everything from entering data to retrieving it for reports and decision-making support.
  • Transparency: Transparent data available to managers at every level means that you have one source of data which everyone shares.

Frequently Update Your ERP System

Don’t you deserve better than what you’re getting with an outdated on-premises ERP tool? Adopting a consistent schedule of upgrades can provide a more robust system. With the help of Sage X3, your business can stay ahead of the curve, and you can integrate all the data you need to make solid decisions. At Panni, we help you make the leap from older systems to a leading-edge solution designed to empower smart business operations. What has your on-site, legacy ERP solution done for you lately? If you need assistance developing a business case for ERP system transition, we can help.

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