When is the right time to Upgrade to Sage X3?


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Making decisions on enterprise-wide technology applications is a complex task that involves a dizzying array of factors for justifying the why, when, how, and what of such investments. Upgrading your manufacturing ERP system is one such decision that requires careful scrutiny and a well-rounded plan. Your business size, organizational strategy, and IT goals, to your budget, operational pain points, and change management appetite, your teams will need to consider varied aspects for defining the scale and scope of the upgrade. Will it be incremental changes to an existing system or are you ready to trade your old ERP for an optimally tailored, AI-powered solution, such as the Sage X3 manufacturing ERP system?

Read on to understand whether it is time for your organization to upgrade to the versatile, feature-rich, Sage X3 manufacturing ERP solution.

Is Your Current ERP Solution Meeting Your Business Needs?

What does any manufacturing business aim to achieve through its ERP solution? You want to automate business processes, reduce operational risks, minimize inefficiencies, fortify business intelligence, and ultimately fuel your digital transformation journey for creating a productive and profitable organization.

Why choose Sage X3? That’s simple. Whether it is finance, HR, production, supply chain, logistics, marketing, sales, or service, Sage X3 provides an integrated manufacturing ERP solution with innumerable benefits for each function.

When to switch to Sage X3? At what point does it become imperative to find a holistic business management solution, such as Sage X3? When:

  • Your existing system is incapable of supporting exponential business growth or internal restructuring related to new business strategies
  • Any mergers or acquisitions demand newer system capabilities to support the ensuing changes
  • Your current system technology is out-of-date or incompatible with other IT applications
  • Your legacy system is unable to support the complex, ever-changing accounting or revenue recognition rules, or other regulatory and compliance requirements.

Here are four scenarios that suggest it may be time to upgrade to the Sage X3 manufacturing ERP solution.

1. Inefficiencies in Purchase, Inventory Management and Supply Chain

Are your teams struggling with mismatches between warehouse inventory and the current ERP system inventory? Unable to locate and pick up the inventory from the warehouses for in-time production or fulfilment? Current ERP does not allow the purchase or stocking of products with varying units? Lack a tracking mechanism for machine time and actual overhead costs at each work center?

If you have any of these problems, it means your current ERP system is falling short.

  • Does not support your specific business requirements or is incompatible with other internal systems for purchase and inventory management.
  • Lacks a simple, three-way matching process between purchase orders, receipts, and purchase invoices.
  • Compels your purchase and inventory teams to rely on assumptions for calculating the true product cost, instead of calculating it for you.
  • Fails to provide proper oversight to your operational leaders for making smart and timely business decisions.

In such situations, it is wiser to upgrade to the multi-faceted Sage X3 ERP solution, instead of spending on multiple add-ons for managing inventory or manufacturing. Delivering a powerful and integrated approach to inventory and production management, Sage X3’s solution capabilities for manufacturing include:

  • Extensive forward and backward traceability
  • Feature-rich planning and scheduling
  • Flexible functionalities for Bill of Material management and work order release management
  • Versatile product configurator for accommodating the specific needs of your business.

2. Poor Insights into the Sales Cycle

Lacking a management overview or tracking mechanism on sales quotes versus orders versus fulfilment? Unable to fulfill your sales orders on time, or without multiple and frequent errors?

While managing the financial and commercial success of your business, you strive for revenue growth through an accelerated production, distribution, and sales cycle. Achieving this requires a single source of truth and complete visibility into the key metrics and measures. With actionable, data-driven insights, you will not only manage exceptions better, but also be able to make quick adjustments to cater to ever-changing consumer demands.

The Sage X3 manufacturing ERP system offers a complete and continuous overview of the sales workflows. From historical sales trends and current pipeline, to conversions, fulfilment, and even returns, you can track and manage the entire sales lifecycle through Sage X3’s convenient, user-friendly, anytime-anywhere interface.

3. Deficiencies or Quality Issues in Business Data or Information

Are you still using archaic methods such as tracking and managing most of the business data and dashboards in spreadsheets? Experiencing issues in accessing accurate, real-time information needed for decision-making on various aspects of the business?

As a key decision maker focused on growing the business, reducing overhead costs, and increasing workforce efficiency and productivity, you need a holistic system that can help in:

  • Issue identification
  • Inventory cost management
  • Price modeling and transaction capabilities
  • Fast and flexible data access, extraction, and reporting

The Sage X3 ERP for manufacturing integrates various functions, including finance and accounting, purchase and inventory management, production and supply chain, sales and marketing, customer service, and more. That means you and your leaders get real-time, actionable insights that enable quick and efficient strategic decisions in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

4. Multi-Site, Multi-Entity Challenges

Unable to handle multi-currency sales through one unified system? Need to create new instances for every addition in the group of companies? Spending excessive time in preparing and consolidating financials across multi-currencies or multi-entities? Current ERP not supporting multi-site-same customer records leading to duplicate entries and waste of resources?

Whether it is sites, units, products, geographies, ledgers, legislations, languages, or currencies, the Sage X3 manufacturing ERP system provides a seamless, integrated business management experience across complex organizational structures and requirements. Supporting global processes, relationships, and transactions, Sage X3 also ensures that your businesses stay compliant with all applicable industry and regulatory requirements

What are you currently looking for in an ERP system? It could be any or all of the following:

  • An industry-focused solution that streamlines your operations and costs. For example, a dedicated module to navigate typical materials requirement planning (MRP) challenges.
  • A hybrid or cloud-based system that enables your large organization to quickly and efficiently integrate new subsidiaries or remote offices across geographies.
  • A system that focuses on an integrated approach and increased automation to accommodate the needs of a fast-growing business.
  • Better coordination for reduction in wastage or missed opportunities.
  • Improved business intelligence and analytics.
  • Flexible, customizable, and scalable functionalities that offer greater compatibility with organizational needs.

As a forward-thinking manufacturing business, you need to review whether your existing ERP system is solving complex problems, enabling advanced planning, and improving the overall performance of your business. Additionally, it is important to ensure your ERP system’s alignment and compatibility with your evolving business and IT strategies

Upgrade to Sage X3 ERP System for Your Manufacturing Business

The powerful, feature-rich Sage X3 ERP system has the potential to boost your digital transformation journey. With Sage X3, your manufacturing business can expect to achieve:

  • Complete global compliance
  • Reduced scope and risk of product recalls
  • Improved and simplified management of fluctuations in purchase, production, and distribution
  • Rapid deployment, along with easy, web-based access through any connected devices

When you are ready to explore the intuitive, versatile and industry focused Sage X3 ERP solution, partner with the knowledgeable professionals at Panni. We have the experience and expertise in deploying the Sage X3 system for a variety of businesses, including discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, and distribution. From developing business cases and creating technology maps, to customizing and implementing tailor-made ERP solutions, we can help you on every aspect of your digital transformation journey. Our goal is to support you with the right combination of change and technology to make your business more agile, efficient, and profitable.

Contact us to learn more about the Sage X3 manufacturing ERP solution. Let the experts at Panni help your business innovate, lead, and stay ahead of the curve with a timely and relevant ERP system upgrade.

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