B300 Reporting Module for Sage X3

Licensed cultivators, producers or packagers of cannabis products in Canada are required to timely submit Form B300, Cannabis Duty and Information Return, to the Canada Revenue Agency on a monthly basis.

Form B300 is a complex and detailed reporting requirement for movements of unpackaged and packaged cannabis inventory, and the total sales and payable duties.

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B300 Module for
Sage X3

B300 module leverages the power of Sage X3 and seamlessly automates month-end reporting requirements for the CRA. All reports are managed by period.

B300 Reporting solution capabilities

B300 module for Sage X3 is Available as

Pre-built into Sage X3 for new Cannabis ERP deployments

Add-on for existing Sage X3 deployments

Watch the B300 Module Webcast

Webcast: B300 Module for Sage X3

Watch our webcast and demo of the B300 module for Sage X3 and how easy it is to complete month end reporting for Canada Revenue Agency.

Watch the product webcast

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Panni B300 Module licensed ?

It is licensed by the number of cannabis facilities for which Form B300 has to be reported. So, if you have two facilities extracting cannabis, you will require two licenses.

How quickly can the B300 module be deployed ?

The B300 Module is included in new deployments. For existing Sage X3 deployments, the module can be deployed and you can being reporting, all within a few hours.

Can I deploy Panni's B300 solution after going live with Sage X3 ?

Correct – you can deploy the solution at any time. It will can also provide reporting for the months prior to deploying the B300 module.

What sort of support is available with Panni's CTLS module on an ongoing basis ?

Panni provides continuous support for each month filing with CRA. If your business process changes and your company requires additional configuration or customization, it is covered in the licensing fee.

Can the module automatically calculate excise duty for packaged finished goods based on THC percentage in the bulk finished goods ?

Yes, it does.

Is the B300 module compliant with EDN55 and EDN60 (Excise Duty Notices) ?

Yes, it is compliant with both EDN55 and EDN60. The module will be updated for every relevant future notice.

Is your cannabis business in need of a robust reporting solution?

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