Top Three Reasons Why Industries Should Start Using Sage X3 ERP

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Improve Functionality, Integration, and Scalability

According to Gartner, companies increased software spending by about 14% in 2021. ERP spending accounts for about 15% of IT spending. Additionally, the global market for ERP software will grow 5.5% annually, reaching $60 billion by 2027, according to Statista. How much catching up does your organization have to do to keep up with the competition? Is it time to change over from legacy systems?

By upgrading to Sage X3 ERP, you can immediately improve the performance, data storage, and disaster management process within your organization, among a host of other enhancements. Choose a solution that lets your employees work just as well from home as in the office. By partnering with Panni, you can unlock the power of the Sage X3 ERP system to improve workflows, enhance efficiencies, and accomplish greater accuracy in critical tasks.

1. Functionality, Not Complexity

When evaluating options for your new ERP system, it’s important to go through a rigorous selection process before choosing one that checks off all the boxes. Sage X3 will fit the bill easily because it is fully customizable and can be implemented seamlessly by the experienced team at Panni Management. This leading-edge ERP solution focuses on simplifying processes while expanding functionality. Some of the pros of implementing this unique software include exemplary user experience, simple interface, broad capabilities, and simple implementation without unnecessary restrictions.

Do you need help putting together a wish list of what your ERP system should do effortlessly? Our project management team can work with you. To get you started, here are the top 3 reasons to consider Sage X3 for your organization.

2. Integration, Not Interfaced

At Panni, we understand that selecting an ERP software solution involves a sound assessment of how well it integrates with your existing system. There’s an important difference between integration and interfacing. Interfaced systems exchange data on a regular basis, but integrated systems communicate in real-time. As such, your systems can change and grow together. We know from our experience working with client organizations in several industries that you will find this a significant upgrade from the more restrictive legacy systems.

If you want full integration without additional maintenance, Sage X3 ERP can provide that for all departments, including:

  • Accounting: Eliminate duplicate data entry and tie transactional data to month-end reporting.
  • Purchasing: Reduce the procurement timeline and capture quality data for invoices and purchase orders.
  • Financial management: Gain visibility and reduce entry duplication when you use Sage X3 ERP for cash management, budgeting, allocations, and capital expenditures, to name a few.
  • Sales: Automate sales process and simplify reporting by connecting sales to your company ERP with the help of Panni Management consultants. As a result, you will improve forecasting and shorten the lead time needed to fulfillment.
  • Inventory management: Streamline your inventory ordering, tracking, and fulfilment. From warehouse management to inventory tracking, linking this critical function to your ERP, will help prevent stock outages and back orders, among other concerns.
  • Manufacturing Processes: Automate your core manufacturing process and build your manufacturing management tools into the same database as your core business. This gives you one source for all critical data, facilitating reporting, dashboard creation, and decision-making.
  • Product Management: Integrate historical data to improve your production scheduling and create a realistic forecast of future demand. From logistics planning to production, a robust, versatile ERP system can save you time and money on product management tasks.

If you need a customized ERP solution for your industry, reach out to us to discuss your needs.

3. Scalability

There are many factors to consider when choosing an ERP tool, including easy account management, simplified data management, real-time information, and the ability to integrate with numerous platforms. Choosing a scalable ERP system allows you to handle more work, improve customer satisfaction, and introduce new products and services without completely rewriting your business processes. You may only have a few dozen users now, but you need a tool that will allow you to grow your user base quickly. Sage X3’s flexible, scalable design considers both current and future needs.

h2>Choose Sage X3 and Panni for Your ERP Implementation From startups to large enterprises, more customers are turning to Panni to reap the benefits of implementing Sage X3. Make better decisions and improve your bottom line with the leading, customized cloud ERP system.

Panni has helped companies revolutionize their management tools for more than 10 years. We firmly believe that the Sage X3 ERP system allows companies to quickly expand their reach and meet business goals faster. You can add functionality without the complexity and true integration that trumps the tenuous interface model of outdated systems.

Contact Panni to learn about even more reasons why industries should start using Sage X3 ERP and see what it can do for your organization.

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